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The genetics of Blue Face by Fig Farms is Face Off OG and Animal Mints (Blue Pheno). I love when a naming convention makes sense, and this one does. The Blue in Blue Face is from the Blue Pheno of Animals Mints, the cross of Animal Cookies and Sin Mint Cookies. At the same time, the Face in Blue Face comes from intense and loud Face-Off OG, an unknown hybrid cross that falls into the OG family with very similar characteristics.
Blue Face Strain
The Aroma

The nose of Blue Face by Fig Farms is very inviting and familiar for those who smoked pounds of traditional girl scout cookies like me. While the genetics are very different, I find the nose to be the most similar aroma I have seen to the original GSC in quite some time. I would describe it as sweet, floral, cookie notes.
The Appearance of Blue Face by Fig Farm

The Fig Farm Flowers, Blue Face, is a mix of hues. Some colas are a light green, covered in trichome crystals and long thin orange hairs here and there. While other buds are an intense purple, so deep that at times it looks like a few shades off from a dark navy blue.
Blue Face by Fig Farms
The Inhale and The Exhale

Through the flavor profile, you can really see both sides of the genetic lineage. I found the inhale to be more dominated by the Face Off OG, while the exhale was more dominated by characteristics of the Animal Mints. The inhale is a pleasant mix of herbal, earthy notes with hints of gas while I found the exhale to be sweet smooth cookie notes with delicate mint notes.
Fig Farms Cannabis
The Smoking Experience of Blue Face by Fig Farms

The smoking experience of Blue Face, like most strains by Fig Farms, is impeccable. From the aroma to the flavor profile, to the cure, to the burn, everything about Fig Farms Flowers is an enjoyable experience. The sum of all those things leads to one of the best smoking experiences on the market.
Cannabis Photography
The High of Blue Face

The high of these flowers are clean and functional. An elegant balance of head and body that’s not too heavy. From a medicinal perspective, I believe this strain would be suitable for relieving stress and anxiety while also doing a great job of stimulating your appetite.
Marijuana Photo
So was Blue Face by Fig Farms worth the money, and would I repurchase it?

Yes and Yes. Cannabis from Fig Farms come in at a top-shelf price while consistently exceeding my expectations. Going even further, I would say Blue Face is one of my favorite Fig Farm Strains’ worth of repurchase again and again. Excellent aroma, flavor, and cure.
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Where can Fig Farms Cannabis be found?

Currently, you can find Fig Farms flowers at Exhalence, Stash Studio City, and Kings Crew in Los Angeles. In the Bay Area, it is even easier to find flowers from these NorCal Cultivators. Big shout out to Robbie Exotic for the fantastic gift!
Blue Face by Fig Farms

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